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I mean… there is no muscle in there to hold and grab on their dicks. I geniunly feel sorry for them, some of them get infections from tucking so much. Thick thighs to match the butt. I wonder if their entire wardrobe just consists of cheap amazon cocktail dresses. I see lots of conventionally pretty to hot women when I'm out in public or at my gym job so I cannot take these dudes seriously when they say Blaire and the average trannies look "hotter" than actual females. Hidden categories: Wikipedia introduction cleanup from June All pages needing cleanup Articles covered by WikiProject Wikify from June All articles covered by WikiProject Wikify Use mdy dates from December Articles with short description Year of birth missing living people. Seeing that made me question what the hell trannies and chasers were thinking when they said it was better. His body implants look absolutly gross. Corning, California , U. To be honest if at the end of going off hormones if she can even last long enough and she comes back as infertile just imagine how much worse she would feel to have a surrogate. Goes to show you the type of "men" who support blair. Also, notice how none of Jeffree's IRL friends said anything about that shitstorm.

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Chasers are as delusional as trannies. Her makeup changing recently as well cause LA is getting to her, because back in her small bumbfuck town she was hot shit but here she's literally a butter face. In a video called " Trans-Retarded ," White mocks people who identify as nonbinary or genderqueer, saying she thinks those identities are "largely bullshit. White lives in Los Angeles , California. California State University, Chico. Interviewed by Debra W. And about Theryn Meyer being handsome, I agree.

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Now it's her full time job. Did some of those tumblrfags decide to stick around or what? Joey is one of those big kinda fat and tall yet disproportionate guys with small hands,feet, narrow shoulders and sinny legs and a big skinny-fat torso. While times have changed and some Asian women in Japan, China, Taiwan, etc have become career women, there are other women who follow the tradition their parents had where the man went to work and the woman cared for the home while looking traditionally feminine. I see lots of conventionally pretty to hot women when I'm out in public or at my gym job so I cannot take these dudes seriously when they say Blaire and the average trannies look "hotter" than actual females. Same with trannies like gigi gorgeous, this guy has the biggest nail beds among youtubr trannies. I doubt it's significant if you adjust for that fact. Go back your fetish hugbox asktroon it troonblr. I don't think I'd go that far because in my eyes, she just looks… Like an old man with long hair to me. Do I regret voting Trump?

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  • If a man dressed as a woman turns them on, what other degeneracy turns them on?
  • I was in the radfem community and no radfem ever brought it up, they all thought Robbie was a based tranny.
  • I don't anderstand why are gays and trannies so obsessed with black guys.

Blaire was born a man, and is VERY open about how transexuals do in fact suffer from body dysmorphia. Honestly, I really respect that. I have a hard time wrapping my head around this… but Blaire makes an interesting point at about …. Would you, as a straight male, have sex with that man? That would be gay…. BUT that person has a vagina. So… is it straight to have sex? Media Requests. Chicks On The Right. All Rights Are Reserved. Content may not be reprinted or republished without permission.

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Milo says Amy walker naked things in her videos that worry me for her mental health. Sometimes her sentences are not remotely coherent, they're tapr kind word vomit. I think something is wrong with her. Tell her to move over. Can you give me an example of people using my videos to justify hating trans people? I haven't seen that type of reaction. And maybe! I don't know. Just do anal.

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Blaire White and her boyfriend were dressed all wrong to attend an anti-Trump rally on Hollywood Boulevard. The couple were both wearing red "Make America Great Again" hats when they walked into a throng of protesters. After that, things went just about how they expected they would.

I just thought that this was something important to bring up. Similar to what they'd do if a girl was too fat for them? This is how they get Blairee.

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The latest Tweets from Blaire White (@MsBlaireWhite). Trans Youtuber. Political commentator & public speaker. @msblairewhiteAccount Status: Verified. April 15, Blaire White Ever since the recently passed HB2 in North Carolina which mandates that all people use the public restroom that corresponds with their birth sex, my social media has been inundated with questions about how I, as a transgender woman, feel about this. Latest Video. Sep 27,  · PS I KNOW I’m not supposed to use the word “Tranny” but it’s literally the title of this video. Blaire White is a conservative transexual woman Surprising, I know. Blaire was born a man, and is VERY open about how transexuals do in fact suffer from body Ashley (Kimber).

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