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Comebacks to say to girls

PenguinsPuffin Report. If I wanted a bitch I would have brought my female dog. Tell him that you have been called worse, is he says like What? Phil The Computer 1 year ago Pangolins have boobs? Post to Cancel. Scroll down to see the comebacks of the century, and don't forget to vote for the ones that you'll be mentally noting for future use if an unexpected sexting message reaches you. EvieNiffler 1 year ago How mean, why wouldn't he let her kill him for his money? You are not alone. Say one of these: 1. Tiny Dynamine 1 year ago 15 years old? Your email address will not be published. There are some remarkably dumb people in this world. For starters I think you should tell your teacher what is going on. Please help me.

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Good luck and let me know if you need anything further. This are very good. Henricy 1 year ago GOLD. Luke, who was trying to be nice, was sent to the school counselor and forced to apologize to her. Neeraj Jha 1 year ago That was a really good one!! Whenever we hang out, I remember that God really does have a sense of humor. If I needed a creature I will ask for one as for now stop talking shit ur irrelevant b. Monika Przymuszala 1 year ago And the 10 points go to the lady!

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Again this works for any insult Every school or office has a few mean girls who are just plain nasty! Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app. If you wanted the momma joke here are some of them. I have no idea of what to say to them, but it keeps getting worse! This is the opposite of the word Sex from a form where smart ass people write "twice a day" Last Name. Vlad Horobet 1 year ago Hannibal goes on tinder. Natasha L 1 year ago Oo yes! Tell him that you have been called worse, is he says like What? Fake nails, fake hair, fake smile.

Times Women Had Absolutely Perfect Comebacks To Creeps | Bored Panda

  • I know right but they might actually find this website or maybe they use Google too.
  • I would slap you but i am afraid that will be animal abuse Im ugly?
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Bitch please, don't be proud if every guy wants you. Cheap items have many buyers. Roses are red, Violets are blue, I feel bad for the guys, That end up with you. Not saying you're a slut, but if your vagina was a video game, it'd be rated E for everyone. I'm not saying you're a slut, but if your vagina had a password, it'd be "". I would call you a whore, but I think you and I both know that nobody's ever going to pay for that shit I'm not saying that you're a slut, but I see that your favorite shade of lipstick is penis. Some girls look beautiful with or without make-up. Neither is working for you so you should go and put a bag over your head so no one else has to suffer. Fake nails, fake hair, fake smile. Bitch, are you sure you weren't made in China? Bitch, I don't want your boyfriend. Nobody wants your boyfriend; that's why he's with you!

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Top definition. ComeBacks For Girls unknown. Some cool insults that girls should use on guys, hope this helps people! If a guy disses you in anyway at all then reply. If a guy says to you, why havent i yo you around? Then reply. Heather locklear sexy pictures thats why i stopped going. If a guy says something mean about your face then reply with. You know i feel sorry for youwhat are you gonna do for a face when king kong askes for his arse back Remember say it with sympithy and concern 4. Again this works for any insult

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Comebacks to say to girls. 50 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Shut Everyone Up (And Make You Look Like A Genius)

Every school or office has zay few mean girls who are just plain nasty! If you are being picked on by a mean girl, you are not alone, many girls have been picked on at school. The mean girl thinks she How to sell dirty panties the Queen Bee and prances around like she owns the place, in charge of everyone and everything. Middle school and high school can be awkward times for teens, who are going through Comdbacks lot of changes and want to fit in. Be prepared the next time she tries to embarrass you in front of others and have a comeback ready. If you need help remembering the comebacks, our Top Ten Comebacks App can help you out. Often when you respond with a comeback, the mean girl will move on to someone else who she thinks is an easier target. These comebacks should leave the nasty girl a little startled that someone snapped back. Mean girls have been around since the beginning of time. You are not alone. The movie Mean Girls shows high school cliques and the drama that high school girls go through.

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Do you have to deal a mean girl who constantly blows things way out of proportion and makes minor things into a big deal? A high school teen, Luke, was telling me about a mean drama queen in his class who constantly creates problems for others. Mia lies to her teachers she tries to get other people into trouble and have them sent to the office. She has double standards and gets nasty towards other kids and then plays the victim with the circumstances that she created.

So make sure you run fast to beat me because I am the finishing line to all your meanest desires. I have already activated my account. Neeraj Jha 1 year ago Apply cold water to the burnt area

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Read REALLY Mean Insults from the story Comebacks, jokes, insults by imawsome (Black Bart) with , reads. blonde. okay not to sould like a complainer b Reviews: 50 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Shut Everyone Up (And Make You Look Like A Genius). Filed Under: Top Ten Comebacks With: clever comebacks, comebacks for mean girls, funny comebacks for mean girls, good comeback lines for haters, good comebacks to say to a bully, great comebacks for mean girls, I should have said that, sarcastic comebacks for mean girls, sarcastic things to say to mean girls, smart comebacks to bullies.

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