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Funny senior will ideas

Navigate Right. I advise underclassmen to never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever hide Ms. I leave you with the smiles that you guys always put on my face! I also leave you all my sparkles. For the curious one:. Blake — I leave you my puns and abundant soccer skills. Enjoy your remaining years of high school. Don't do anything I wouldn't do, and no regrets!! Pressed for space? Enjoy it while it lasts, love you man. Burton - An aide the shows up on time an actually does something. I leave you 3AM jam sessions and 8AM road trips. To Ongela Pierce i leave my school pride.

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You all are so talented, so kind, so accepting, and so amazing. To Ella Decker: I leave you a tiny cone and Beyonce. High school. This shameless self-promotion will serve him well in our social-media dominated future. I leave you the other Asian and awkward conversations about private situations. I advise underclassmen to go to school every day and make the best of it. I will miss Coach Calhoun because he is such a wonderful, inspiring teacher. I know I can trust with such an important job. I also leave my awesomeness to Cory. For the over-confidant grad:.

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Remember to stay positive and always encourage others. I also leave my knowledge to Brandon Krantz. If you're struggling to find the right words, we're here to help. I, Edwin Webster, will my dirty sneakers to Mr. Remember, united we stand, divided we FAIL. Hugh, I only value you for comedy and music. Love, Goosie. To Haley Decker : I leave you hearing aids, groufits, and a cage for Cassidy she needs to be locked up. To Annelise Ostrowski : I leave you pictures of puppies and cinnamon sticks. Watch the ways in which past leaders ran their squads. The following seniors filled out a senior will in memory of their years at Central High School. Baseball can wait. Grayson — I leave you the memories of my patellofemoral tendonitis and your swollen ankle. Speak your mind. Some of my page was missing.

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  • And after years of venting, my advice to you is that you should enjoy high school.
  • To Lily GulletI leave you hand drawn tattoos and books about dying.
  • Grant — I leave you the random things that made us laugh Kobe Bryant and the roasts about Blake.
  • Judson : I leave you all the band bus rides.

Congratulations to the Galway High School Class of ! Read their Wills, and leave a comment for your favorite Senior! I, Haley Decker, leave Mackenzie my cat, Cassidy, who loves her oh so much. I leave her with all of my clothes and my shoes, since she has feet as small as mine. I leave her with my highlighting palette, as requested, and all of the men in uniform she could ever imagine. I leave her with all of our memories from being my best friend since freshman year, from spring break in Florida to being sideline pals senior year before I decided I was outtie. To Jayden, I leave her the rest of my makeup and all of the things that she has ever left at my house. To Christian Kent, I leave him my slippers, since they are already in his car so, he might as well have them. To Emily, Erica, and Alexis, I leave you with my flute and the memories of the fluticorns, why were we so embarrassing? To Jenni, I leave her my iPod with my ninth grade emo music and our memories of Mayday Parade, because is it ever just a phase mom? To Spencer and Paiton, I leave them with all of our memories from Warped Tour from meeting our girlfriend Tay to nearly being knocked out by crowd surfers. To Schuyler Arnold, I leave you with our memories from sharing a quad at Spike Mountain…from our endless laughs to getting ice cream on the way home. To my APUSH girls, I leave you with all of our amazing memories, even though we cried for at least half of the year while drowning in essays and stressing over tests. To my slice night friends, I leave you with endless pizza and laughs to fill your stomach. To Brooke, I leave her with our drama filled memories of club volleyball aka, the worst days of our lives.

Ideas a Senior's Last Will & Testament

Graduation is fast approaching, and the realization of the end of high school is finally setting in with the senior class. Senior Wills offer the soon-to-be graduates a chance to reflect on their time at Donoho and leave advice and srnior to underclassmen and faculty members. Each Senior Will is also accompanied by the college that 420 wap video student will be attending in the fall. Congratulations to the class of ! The University of Alabama.

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Funny senior will ideas. Senior Wills

Senior Wills The following seniors filled out a senior will in memory of their years Funny senior will ideas Central High School. They ssnior listed in alphabetical order by last name, unless the last name was omitted on the form. IJessica Atheyleave my joy to Maddison Laney. I also leave my love to Taylor Davenport. I will miss my friends because they are always there for me. My favorite Positive thinking practice exercises is my senior year as a whole. I advise my underclassmen to have fun! I, Ashley Bainesleave my laughter to Drama Club. I also leave my love and ambition to all those with dreams. I will miss all my friends because each one of them has brought something special to my life and brightened my days. My favorite memory is performing in C. Live with the crowd cheering and clapping sneior. I advise underclassmen to never give up, never give in, and live life to the fullest. I, William Todd Bellamyleave my good looks to Mr.

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No pressure at all! The best senior quotes usually fall into one of two categories: they're either straight from the heart, or ridiculous and funny. If you're struggling to find the right words, we're here to help. First, we talked to poet and author Asa Boxer to get his pro tips on what to write if you're going for the earnest, heartfelt direction. And then, we rounded up 35 funny senior quotes to inspire all the jokesters out there.

And lots of good questions about Japan for morning practice. BCEFC represent!!

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Senior Last Will and Testament. Well being a senior was cool for half of the year since that was the while time I was there because I graduated early but when I was in school I would hang out with my Friends and my little cousins (i really don't hang out with guy at all) but most of my friends are really cool but yeah I wish everyone in the. As a senior, you want to leave behind a legacy, and your senior quote is the perfect place to make your mark. The quote might be a funny inside joke, a snippet from a favorite author or a traditional message wishing everyone thanks and good luck. If you’re struggling for ideas, we put together a list of 60 of the best yearbook quotes to Shutterfly. Explore Lenora Murphy's board "Savage Senior Quotes", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Hilarious, Jokes and Funny things.

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