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Girls wearing pull ups tumblr

All good sissies need pampers. Awareness came back to me in a sudden rush. As I watched the flowers on the front fade away, a wonderful tingling feeling ran down my spine and into my pussy like a bolt of electricity, making me moan like a pornstar. You used to be a silly prude who thought too highly of herself, so I made a few alterations in that pretty little head of yours and turned you into a ditzy slut who acts like a toddler. I do workout. Or did your diapie make a bad wittle leak in your pants again? Was I doing a little dance? I still hear her calm voice, husky with desire, as she smiled full into my face. Seriously, you really are going to give me a hard time? I mean, should I be giving you a bath first and read you a little story too? Does that mean you want me to potty train you? I did a wee-wee! Well sweetie, perhaps you should consider wearing plastic panties over your diapers. Someone as immature as you will be much better off using her pants as her potty. Be there for her, even though she might not be in her headspace at that time.

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Is that what this is about…? You know the rules, when you childishly misbehave, you end up on my knee for a spanking, then your butt is back in Pampers for the night. And make sure you remind her of the fact frequently as well! A little girl? Was that my voice speaking in my head? Do you think your poor teacher is going to take kindly towards your avoidable accident that interrupts her entire lesson for the afternoon? I could see Bailey was hesitant to talk about it. Daddy will change you when we get back.

I wore these pull-ups all day:

As I continued to stutter, she directed a meaningful glance at my crotch. Bailey: You want to… hum, well, I suppose… She shyly lowered her pajama pants and let me see the front of her Pull-Ups, then quickly brought them back up. No matter what else you do during your school career, classmates will forever associate you as the new girl who peed all over the floor during the first month of school. That sick freak had turned me into some disgusting fetish fantasy: half adult baby, half ditzy bimbo, infantilising myself for his amusement and sucking him off on command. All of a sudden, I started to rock from side to side, squirming and pressing my hands against the front of my pull up, distracting me from my thoughts. Lots of ideas! Daddy will change you when we get back. Source: myroadtosubmission. She promised me always to wear pull ups during the day from now on. It already hung low on her bottom, but as I watched, Mia strained to push the rest of her stinkies into the back of her pants, and her nappy sagged so low it touched the bed. Remind her of her bedtime, remind her to brush her teeth, remind her to wash her hands before dinner. Hold onto my shoulders and step into the training pants, one leg at a time.

Diaper Girls And Wetting

  • I whipped my hand out of my nappy as fast as I could, guilt and fear flooding through me.
  • The humiliation of being diaper dependent will make sure you never forget your place as my little baby.
  • I would never do anything or tell anyone….

Obediently, Lily tucked her thumbs into the waistband of her pyjama bottoms and pulled them down to reveal a pair of soggy pull ups. Good thing you had them on last night though, otherwise you would have gone wee-wee all over your bed! That was too much for Lily, who broke down in tears and wailed. I quickly pulled her into a tight cuddle, running one hand through her hair and cradling her padded bottom with the other. I knew this was for the best, but it still made me upset to see my baby girl so sad and confused. Lots of little girls still wet the bed. Okay, my love? I stared at my own reflection, thinking hard. A little girl… That made sense, I thought, looking at my reflection. It certainly explained the childish pigtails and the bulky training pants hugging my bottom. All of a sudden, I started to rock from side to side, squirming and pressing my hands against the front of my pull up, distracting me from my thoughts. Was I doing a little dance? But the squirming definitely reminded me of something… Of course! I looked just like a toddler doing the potty dance! I had to go potty! Smiling triumphantly at what a clever girl I was for figuring it out, I got up to run to the toilet, but the voice interrupted me. I should just pee in my pants. I frowned in confusion.

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This one actually leaked, too! Watch me change from an overhead and up close angle while feeling small and playing with toys and space tent! You see this pull up little brother? This thick diaper in my hand is for you! Posts Likes Ask me anything Submit wearlng post Archive. Timblr hoot!! Pornhub account and if so what's the name I'll subscribe. No I do not have one. This babygirl is diapered and ready for a fun night out! Top Photos.

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Girls wearing pull ups tumblr. See, that’s what the app is perfect

I would like some reposts if you like my content! Throwing yourself eagerly into a message to a stranger is not only going to get them to ignore you, it may attract the wrong kind of person. For the love all thIngs Gritty- this is not how you get a mommy, or a dynamic. Get on fetlife, go to a local munch, start meaningful, non-kink realted conversations with people on here. Attend a con or a vetted play party. Trust meyour future self and future parters will thank you. Please, please take this advice to heart! Go Alec monopoly painting events, look for a support system, find a platform and build ips profile. Posts Likes Following Ask me anything Archive. Re-blog if you want to Girls wearing pull ups tumblr your stuff on Babes In Diapers. Anonymous asked: I'm lesbian. I'm wearingg I need a mommy. Will you please be my mommy? Recently Liked.

Being a big sister is SO much fun!

She promised me always to wear pull ups during the day from now on. It will make her a better submissive. Just emma-abdl being cute as always! Check out her nursery if your ever in Amsterdam! Source: tonygordon. And to be honest: she looks better in diapers.

I had just discovered her secret. Re-blog if you want to see your stuff on Babes In Diapers. A fun and cute activity that I feel would make a little feel very smol indeed!

Being a big sister is SO much fun!

Pull-Up Fiction undies they're the same exact pull-ups training pants that little kiddies wear, only in a bigger size. Because honey, I'm not that girl. This is too much, you're gonna be putting your big boy pull-ups on by yourself, little guy. Love pictures of girls in diapers/pull ups. 18+ only, no minors! “Am I wrong, baby, or are you excited to see your mommy wearing one of your diapers? Sep 14, - I love diaper girls and goodnites. Wearing only Pull-Ups around the house made her feel so much like like what? A little girl? Except she.

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