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My pee smells like cheerios

No vitamins or asparagus. Dose up on fresh yogurt with acidopholus and l. Google is your friend, you'd do better researching online, than expecting a non-snarky response from DL denizens! Our maybe you got your regular. Find out why your urine smells sweet or fruity, what's causing this symptom, and treatment methods. Asparagus is particularly offensive in my urine. Are you cutting back on carbs or doing Atkins? Considerations Changes in urine odor are usually temporary. Breastfeeding dehydrates some, dunnit? This will dilute the concentration of chemicals in your urine and help to reduce the smell significantly. I also take a lot of vitamins - a pre-natal multivitamin I am not pregnant , fish oil supplements, flax oil supplements, calcium supplements, iron supplements, and two lactation supplements Lactation Blend and Fenugreek. However, if you drink enough fluids and are otherwise healthy, urine does not usually have a strong smell. B-vitamins can make urine smell funny, in addition to brightly colored - and Cheerios are fortified with vitamins.

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Hello and thank you for registering. Asparagus' unique aroma definitely doesn't smell like Cheerios. I have found that taking a B-complex on top of a multi with B already in it gives me chartreuse pee that smells funny. I'm assuming it means you're expelling excess glucose? There is no extra effort to smell these smells Recently I've noticed my pee sometimes smells like Cheerios. Not a bad smell…or unpleasant, but a distinctively grain like smell. Have you ever eaten placenta?

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I've noticed this smell on occasion too. I like asparagus too much to let that stop me from eating it, R But not all abnormal urine colors are bad news. Red urine isn't the only indication of danger. Martin Luther King. My balls smell like Cool Ranch Doritos some times. I Love My Dogs! They can put a number on urine's concentration, and screen for drugs. In the lab "I see patients a week. It could be the SSRI. My case is much worse though.

Why does my urine sometimes smell like Cheerios?

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Everyone knows that urine has a distinct odor. This is normal, and nothing to be concerned about. Sometimes, your urine can even take on a popcorn-like scent. Advanced diabetes can sometimes cause strong, sweet-smelling urine. This is due to the sugar and ketones that have accumulated in your urine. Your doctor can diagnose high amounts of sugar or ketones with a simple urinalysis test. Managing diabetes is crucial. Reducing your blood sugar is essential to controlling the condition. This will also help to reduce the sugar and ketones stored in the body, which will allow your urine to return to normal. Foods all contain their own unique combinations of chemical compounds, and a change in diet can lead to a change in urine smell. This will dilute the concentration of chemicals in your urine and help to reduce the smell significantly. Eating a well-balanced diet and reducing trigger foods are also essential to preventing the popcorn smell moving forward. When you become dehydrated , the difference between these two components gets smaller, making the concentration of waste chemicals stronger. This causes the urine to smell stronger. Just like food, medications are a powerful combination of chemical compounds that are designed to cause changes within the body. In many cases, the remains of these compounds can cause changes in the urine. Antibiotics are a common cause of changes in urine smell, but many medications can cause this effect. If the popcorn smell persists after a week, consider talking with your doctor about alternative medications that you can use. However, women who are pregnant may experience other changes in their urine. Some women experience changes during their first trimester, some only experience changes during the last trimester, and others notice changes throughout their entire pregnancy.

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My pee smells like cheerios. Why does my urine sometimes smell like Cheerios?

Not all the time, but once in a while. Say, once every month or two. I've noticed this for years now. I don't eat Cheerios, and I'm basically in epe health, etc. So why does my urine sometimes smell like Cheerios? Hence the "fortified with My pee smells like cheerios essential vitamins" lable. Asparagus' unique aroma definitely doesn't smell like Cheerios. What Extremely cheesy jokes find interesting is how quickly the odor hits one's urine after eating the veggie. I wonder why. If its only occasionally, the best way to identify if you sugar is high at that moment, would be to use a glucose meter. The gold standard for diabetes testing is the Hemoglobin A1C as it captures your average blood sugar over the past 3 months. Keep in mind, it may just be due to something you ate either by itself or in combination but get your sugar checked. Many people smel,s pre-diabetes for years before actually llke down with diabetes. Diabetes is associated w. It is a disease that no one in my family has ever had.


It's not exactly polite conversation, but it's a question worth asking yourself from time to time. Just as the eyes are windows into the soul, urine is a window into the body. It can reveal whether you're dehydrated, for instance, a common health issue during these sweaty summer months. Healthy urine consists of yellow waste products that are dissolved in water. One way for doctors to find out what's going on inside the body is to examine what flows out of it.

Why does my urine sometimes smell like Cheerios? What could b?

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